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The Great Rehearsal Space Hunt

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Anyone involved in the Fringe scene in Manchester, or anywhere else for that matter, will know what I mean by the title of this blog post. You've chosen the play and the director's been recruited; the right actors have been found; the performance date is set; publicity materials have been designed and sent to the printer, so that just leaves .... rehearsal space to find, or to be more precise, AFFORDABLE rehearsal space.

You'd think that'd be easy in a big place like Greater Manchester, but it really isn't, especially since the closure of Hope Studios and Just Some Theatre, but today we came across a place where they welcome you with open arms and have some of the most inspiring and interesting space in the city. Maybe you knew about it already, but this place was a revelation to us: THE OLD BANK RESIDENCY on Hanover Street.

Just look at those ceilings.

I want one of these in my house.

We were shown around the place by the wonderfully helpful Neil Greenhalgh from Standard Practice, who explained all about the fascinating community-driven initiatives going on in and around the building. There are all sorts of courses and events and they are keen to let local groups in to use some of the space for meetings, choir practice, sessions of different kinds and even rehearsals. And best of all - it's FREE!

It is such a cool place. As the name suggests, it's a former bank, but not just any old, old bank - this is the original Co-op Bank. The very first. And it's such an architectural gem. Makes you proud to be a Mancunian.

To finish off this post - check out the original safe in this short clip and these pics. Amazing!

So we'd like to say a HUGE THANKS to Neil for being just grand today. We'll see you next week at our rehearsal.

And thanks to you for reading this.


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